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ORBIT is a comprehensive set of technology modules, which enables healthcare providers to improve their efficiency in their daily practice through digital signboards, patient convenience and practice management tools.

GenieDoc Orbit Introduction Service
ORBIT Introduction

Ownership and engagement in driving patient experience. We aim to collaborate with healthcare providers to create a well-defined, controlled and personalized solution so that patients

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GenieDoc Orbit Ownership
O for Ownership in ORBIT

The first alphabet O in ORBIT stands for ownership, signifying the importance and necessity for healthcare professionals to have total control and full right over

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GenieDoc Orbit Reach
R for Reach in ORBIT

R stands for reach in ORBIT, highlighting the significance of accessibility of healthcare providers for patients throughout the duration of their medical treatment.    

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GenieDoc Orbit Brand
B for Brand in ORBIT

The third alphabet B in ORBIT stands for Brand, which signifies  the necessity of goodwill, reputation and trust in healthcare services. “How do you choose

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GenieDoc Orbit Information
I for Information in ORBIT

I stands for information in ORBIT, signifying the ideal role of information in the healthcare sector as crucial decisions are taken by patients based on

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GenieDoc Orbit Technology
T for Technology in ORBIT

The last alphabet in ORBIT stands for Technology, which is the foundation and driver of various modules in ORBIT enabling healthcare providers to improve their

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Engage in driving patient experience

ORBIT consists of digital and web solutions, which can be easily implemented and seamlessly integrated in your daily practice.

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ORBIT Choices

No two professionals are exactly alike and therefore, their needs differ accordingly in their daily practice.

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GenieDoc Orbit Convenience
Knowledge Sharing
GenieDoc Orbit Empowerment
Convenience to Search

Latest Projects

Our team is working 24x7 to deliver and create value for healthcare providers by catering to unique requirements with our unique solutions.

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Kids care clinic

Health and well-being of children
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City Clinic

One stop clinic for women
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The Gynae Point

Healthcare matters, You matter.  
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Consultant Gynaecologist

Passionate about healhcare

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GenieDoc provides digital healthcare practice solutions to healthcare providers and professionals, thereby enabling them to manage their end to end practice in a simple and